9/4/19: So far KELPIE has been featured on Hackaday, PJRC, and Hackster and has been mentioned on Autodesk Eagle’s twitter account!!

8/27/19: Hey everyone! I just submitted my project KELPIE to the Hackaday 2019 Prize. Also you can check out any project files on my Github here.



I'm a multidisciplinary software and hardware engineer with experience in web development, product & experience design, robotics, and electronics, and an MS in Mechanical Engineering. For the past 9 years I've built a bunch of crazy and creative projects that lie at the intersection of physical and digital, including web apps, jellyfish robots, internet-of-things devices, huge experiential campaigns, and highly complex moving models of the solar system.


What i do


I design web applications and creative software interfaces to hardware. I'm proficient at full-stack Javascript (React, Node, SQL/NoSQL databases, Docker, and more) and also very comfortable with programming for internet-connected embedded systems like Raspberry Pi and Particle.io. I’ve worked on software teams using the git workflow and Agile methodologies and also am a graduate of the Hack Reactor software engineer immersive.


From CAD to prototyping, fabrication, and assembly. I’ve designed mechanical hardware from internet-connected desktop devices to huge, complex motion-controlled systems. I understand how to design for all sorts of manufacturing processes and can speak the language to ensure that parts get fabricated efficiently and properly.


I’m very proficient with microcontroller boards like Arduino, Teensy, Particle, Raspberry Pi and have tons of experience interfacing with all sorts of electrical hardware, from huge actuators to tiny sensors. I can also design, layout, and assemble SMD printed circuit boards when a project needs to be taken to the next level.


I’ve done a lot of work with big experiential builds on both the design and fabrication fronts. I’m very comfortable working in a shop with CNC machines and using all sorts of power tools. I’ve also managed plenty of fabrication vendors too.


I know this might sound like a lot! But I’ve been fortunate enough to work on incredibly diverse projects that have required some or all of these disciplines. I consider myself a lifelong learner, and am constantly updating and refining my skillset through my work and side projects. Not to mention I also love what I do!