Are you working on hardware/technology project? Here’s how I might be able to help!



From CAD to prototyping, fabrication, and assembly. I’ve designed mechanical hardware from internet-connected desktop devices to huge, complex motion-controlled systems.


Almost all interesting hardware projects need a brain. I’m very proficient with micro controller boards like Arduino, Teensy, Particle, Raspberry Pi and have tons of experience interfacing with all sorts of electrical hardware. I can also design, layout, and assemble printed circuit boards when a project needs to be taken to the next level.


I’m comfortable designing desktop interfaces using Processing and web interfaces using the MEAN stack for internet-connect projects. I also have a bunch of experience with data visualizations on screens or custom LED displays.


I’ve done a lot of work with big experiential builds on both the design and fabrication fronts. I’m very comfortable working in a shop with CNC machines and using all sorts of power tools. I’ve also managed plenty of fabrication vendors too.